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  • Create text, image, content, item with easy to remember Vanity Id
  • Display easily to your rargeted audiences
  • Create drip campaigns with reporting that converts

  • 01 Mobile Marketing Campaigns with results

    Be it raising awareness, collecting feedback or reach Users on the go, our mobile marketing platform provides various mobile marketing tools, MMS and CRM apps that can help you see it in a timely manner to keep a tab on your users, apps, actions. Engage prospects with one-on-one or bulk messaging, change pricing and details at anytime with our personalized dynamic content. Analyze multi-business performance in dashboard with reporting.

  • Users see it in an app, magzine or a wall as well as store window or billboard, they can opt in to your campaign with value, redeem offers, pull your information with valuable insight and make an appointment right away or get notified for future updates and on-going promotions. Bulk Messaging with Formated Content, macros, scheduling, rich content and send it later.

  • Our mobile marketing service includes a slew of services and apps for On-boarding customers, warm up prospects, manage inbound leads or import & export leads, etc. Our mobile maketing platform lets you customize services and CRM apps to fit your business needs in one integrated environment.



We help businesses reach mobile users with text or image content, messaging, chat, etc. Help them find customers, sell product or service faster and easier.

Notification and Subscription

Let mobile users find you with QR Code, apps and personalized content. Notify subscribed users with templates and location-based services or legitimate offers at their fingertips. Retaining customers and increase their lifetime values.

Qualifing Leads and Verify Reservations

Post your campaign with our unique mobile marketing compaign Id, track activities and make appointments, keep contacts, leads, subscribers all within our one-stop mobile marketing platform with CRM system.

Coupons and Deals

Obtain legitimate opt-ins and frequest customers use the best mobile marketing strategy. Send coupons and Deals to your customers, prospects or subscribers on mobile devices with expiration date and redemption code.

Booking and Tracking

At Upstik, you can host any event with your dedicated code and subscribtion page. Sell tickets/services/products use RSVP or booking app, send receipts to your subscribers, and track your sales or purchases using our real-time data and algorithms.

Request dedicated service

If you are a big business with prominent events or need service for a team. We customize your page for subscription or make reservation with dedicated code. Our dedicated support team are ready to help you with any questions. For more information, contact our sales.


With the help of technology, businesses can use mobile to directly engage customers timely and efficiently.

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These pricings are for regular member service not including dedicated page for subscribers.

Basic Plan

$39per month

  • Limited Listing
  • Limited Bulk Messaging
  • Limited Apps
  • Notifications
  • Export leads
Basic Plan

Platinum Plan

$59per month

  • Unlimited Mobile Contents
  • Include 1k MMS Bulk Messaging
  • 10 Apps
  • Notifications
  • unlimited Import, export for apps
*For more complicated usage, unlimited apps, integration, contact our sales team.

About Us has been around for 10 plus years with major changes over time, we are a team of team of technologists, marketing guru, user friendly sales and best customer services.

  • 1. We focus on help our customers to reach mobile users
  • 2. Out platforms are built in-house with big data and better performance
  • 3. Our team is world-wide and dedicated professionals



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+1 323 325 1105

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